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The DC Strokes Rowing Club has held a Masters sprint regatta for 27 years. Last year we went virtual, converting the sprint races into a ten day distance event. Due to the overwhelming positive feedback we received, we're doing it again this year.

Join us June 5 - 13, 2021, and bring your friends!


How It Works

Individuals and Teams (pairs, fours, and eights) will row, run, or bike as much as they can starting on Saturday, June 5 through Sunday, June 13. Distances can be reported in one of three methods listed below. Points will be awarded as follows:

  • Erging: 1 point per 2000 meters

  • Running/Walking: 1 point per 1600 meters

  • Biking: 1 point per 5000 meters

  • Wheelchair: 1 point per 1300 meters

  • Handcycle: 1 point per 4500 meters

The winning individuals and teams will be awarded based on the total point tallies. Depending on how many folks sign up, we will add gender divisions. All participants will receive a commemorative t-shirt.

Entry and Lineup submissions


Everyone who registers will be signed up for the Individual event. To create a team, a team captain will submit the team name and roster on a form that will be shared after you register. Only the captain will need to have be registered to create a team, but all team members must be registered by June 2. There will be an option to sign up to be placed in a team if you are interested.

Logging your Data

There are three options for submitting your data:

  1. Join the Challenge Hound event and sync one of many fitness apps. You can use this to report any of the approved activities that the available fitness apps tracks.

  2. Submit your distance via a Google form. This is the method you'll need to report meters rowed on ergs.

  3. Email your distance to director@stonewallregatta.org.

Once you have registered, you will receive a unique ID for submitting data for methods 2 or 3. For these methods you will also need to share screenshots or photos of results. shared links from exercise tracking apps such as Garmin Connect or Strava, as well as the Concept2 Logbook via the ErgData app will also be accepted. Be sure to set the entry as visible to "Everyone".

Any submission will count for all your teams and events. In the example below, Terry's distances for each event are converted into points, which contribute to the team scores for his two teams and his individual score. Way to go Terry!

reporting diagram.png


$25 per person

Registration opens: May 15, 2021

Standard Registration closes: June 5, 2020


Event Shirts

stonewall 2021 mens shirt mockup.png
Men's Shirt
stonewall 2021 womens shirt mockup.png
Women's Shirt

Sizes XS to 2XL available in both the men's and women's shirt.

Women’s Tee: Super lightweight at 4 oz., incredibly soft triblend combed ringspun cotton/poly/rayon.

                           Preshrunk and semi-fitted contour, runs small – most buyers size up.

Men’s Tee: Super lightweight at 4 oz., incredibly soft triblend combed ringspun cotton/poly/rayon.

                    Pre-shrunk and semi-fitted athletic fit – most buyers say its true to size

Event logo and t-shirts are produced once again by our long time event sponsor and partner, Rowsource. They also make other rowing-themed shirts, totes, and magnets. Follow this link to see more.


Rules and Eligibility

  • Everyone is eligible to participate.

  • Your email address and unique ID are how we will track all entries. Submissions received that we cannot associate with a registered email/ID will be discarded.

  • Please respect and follow all local laws and regulations about public gatherings, social distancing, use of shared equipment, etc.

  • Remember: this isn't the Olympics. So let's try to be patient and give each other the benefit of the doubt when we can. Keep things fair and reasonable. And have fun!

  • On the water

    • On the water rowing is allowed if approved locally.

    • You must use a fitness tracker which will track distance.

  • Ergometer

    • For photographic documentation, athletes should go to the memory screen following their piece and take a photo. This should be submitted through the submission form. Taking a photo of the race screen immediately following a piece will not include the date, and will not be considered a valid submission.

    • Submissions including links to the Concept2 Logbook via the ErgData app will also be accepted. Be sure to set the entry as visible to "Everyone".

    • The monitor must be set to the correct date.

  • Each bike leg must be recorded using a GPS app or GPS watch and must include the date for submission.

  • Indoor biking should use a resistance or difficulty that is fair and reasonable.

  • Both running or walking is allowed.

  • Each run must be recorded using a GPS app, watch, or fitness tracker.​

  • The app, watch, or fitness tracker must include date and time for submission

  • Indoor running should use a difficulty or elevation setting that is fair and reasonable.​

  • Using an app to measure distance is best. If not possible, contact the regatta directors.

  • All activities must use an app to measure distance.

USRowing Gender Policy

The USRowing Rules of Rowing has only two gender divisions. Their Gender Identity Policy states that any rower "... over the age of 18, who is not considered a youth or collegiate rower, shall be allowed to participate in a rowing activity in accordance with his or her expressed gender identity irrespective of the gender listed on the athlete’s birth certificate and regardless of whether the athlete has undergone any medical treatment."

Ensuring that our programs and regatta are welcoming to all individuals is a core value of our organization, and DC Strokes Rowing is proud to serve, encourage, and promote the accomplishments of all athletes! We welcome entries from athletes of all gender identities and gender expression.


Can I join multiple teams?

Yes!  You can register for multiple teams and as an individual. Your points go to each of them, and will only need to be submitted once.

Can I alternate between rowing, running, and biking?

Yes! You can enter distance for each mode.

Can I submit multiple entries for a day?

Yes! You could run 2 miles in the morning, 2 miles at lunch, and then erg 4000 meter in the evening. You will need to submit each activity individually?

Can I give you money to sponsor this event?

Yes! Contact Tammy Enright at development@dcstrokes.org 

I have a question that isn't answered here, can I contact the Regatta Director?

Yes! Email the director at director@stonewallregatta.org



Interested in becoming a Stonewall Sponsor? Contact Tammy Enright at development@dcstrokes.org 

All affiliated sponsors agree to abide by the DC Strokes Sponsorship Code of Conduct and treat all with respect and dignity.



Every summer, rowers and spectators from around the greater Washington DC area, nation, and globe gather in Washington, DC for the Stonewall Regatta, hosted by the DC Strokes Rowing Club (DCSRC). Stonewall is the only regatta in North America hosted by a Gay & Lesbian rowing team. 

The first Stonewall Regatta was held in 1994 during Gay Games IV in New York City.
About a year before the Games, DC Strokes Rowing Club (DCSRC) learned that the host committee for the NYC Games was dropping rowing from the sports line-up, and subsequently decided to organize an independent regatta to run concurrently with the Games.


In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising in Greenwich Village in 1969, considered the start of the gay civil rights movement, this regatta was named "Stonewall Regatta."


The original regatta occurred at the Orchard beach Race Course in Pelham Bay State Park, site of the 1964 Olympic Rowing Trials. The event was such a success that DCSRC decided to bring it home to Washington, D.C., where it has since been held every June, typically coinciding with DC Pride festivities. 

Stonewall Regatta follows the commitment of DCSRC to bridge gaps between communities by building an inclusive environment and educating the public not only about rowing, but also contributions by the GLBT community and DCSRC. The event promotes true sportsmanship in an open and inclusive environment, created not only by the participants themselves, but also by the event sponsors and volunteers.

Stonewall does not just highlight and promote rowing in the GLBT community. The regatta also kicks off the circuit of adult sprint race competitions in the mid-Atlantic region and draws serious rowers of all stripes from throughout the area.

2020 challenged our organization like everyone else. But we didn't want to lose the sense of community and connection that Stonewall gives us. So we decided to go virtual. 2021 is the second (and we hope last) virtual version of the regatta.


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